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The Architects Act 2002 provides a process whereby a person who is aggrieved by an architect's conduct in carrying out architectural services, is able to make a complaint about the conduct to the Board. 

The Architects Act 2002 also protects the title "architect" and "registered architect" and makes it an offence for someone who is not an architect, ie registered as an architect in Queensland, to hold themselves out as an architect and strict penalties are provided in its legislation.

Provisions of the legislation are referred to at the Legislation website of the Queensland Government and in particular to Part 7 of the Architects Act 2002: www.legislation.qld.gov.au.

A complaint must be:

  • In writing, and
  • Clearly state the gounds for the complaint
  • Mailed to the Registrar:
    Board of Architects of Queensland
    PO Box 15343
    City East QLD 4002

Should an investigation under section 41(2) of the Act be conducted, the Board, on receipt of the investigator's report is obliged to do 1 or more of the following:

  • start a disciplinary proceeding against the architect;
  • enter into an undertaking agreed with the architect about a matter relating to the architect carrying out architectural services;
  • caution or reprimand the architect;
  • impose a condition agreed to by the architect, on the architect's registation;
  • take no further action.

The Board does not have the power to order restitution or rectification.

If the Board commences disciplinary action, the charge is heard by the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (QCAT).

Decisions, orders, hearing lists etc of the QCAT are available at www.qcat.qld.gov.au