Importance of Registration

  • Architects are the most distinguished and respected of all design professionals.
  • Your Clients want to know you have BOAQ Registration — that your skills and experience meet the highest standards; and that they are protected by the legislative framework governing the profession, including the Code of Practice, and Professional Indemnity insurance requirements. 
  • With BOAQ registration, it’s a simple process to apply to practise in any other Australian or New Zealand jurisdiction, under the Trans-Tasman Mutual Recognition Agreement.

  • BOAQ registration can also enable you to  travel and work in an increasing number of Countries — under various other international agreements. 

  • Registration supports your career progression, with a CPD framework; and enables you to give back to the profession, by becoming a Board Examiner, Course Assessor, Investigator or Mentor.

  • You’ll be able to control your own projects, or even start your own architectural practice.

  • Under the Award, you’ll also get a pay rise!

So….Make your Degree count!!