4 Steps to becoming an 'Architect'

Step 1. Complete an accredited course in Architecture 

The Board of Architects of Queensland (BOAQ) in collaboration with the Architects Accreditation Council of Australia (AACA) and the Australian Institute of Architects (AIA), is responsible for ensuring a high standard of architectural education is maintained.  It does this through accreditation of the architectural courses which can lead to registration as an architect.

In Queensland four tertiary architectural courses of study have been accredited by the BOAQ, whose graduates are eligible for entry into the Architectural Practice Exam (APE), which is one of the Pathways to Registration as an "Architect".  These four courses are: 

School of Architecture  Qualification and Course Code   Website Link
Bond University  MArch SD-93017  https://bit.ly/2Q7gHZ4 
Griffith University  MArch 5558  https://bit.ly/2qkD964 
Queensland University of Technology  MArch DE80  https://bit.ly/2RmRf20 
The University of Queensland  MArch 5429  https://bit.ly/2OYHquG 

Step 2. Log 3300 Hours of Experience

Start now and log your experience on a regular basis so you can keep track of how you're going and the competencies you need more experience in.  Make each hour of experience count by ensuring you log it correctly from the beginning against the correct competency as set out in the National Standard of Competency for Architects (NSCA).  

Have a conversation with employer and/or supervising Architect and then them know you are working towards registration.  Ask for their assistance in gaining the required experience, and in understanding which competencies your various hours experience should be logged against.

Download your AACA Guide for Candidates of the APELogbook, Logbook Guide, and the National Standard of Competency for Architects — the tools you will need to start logging your experience.  These can be found at http://www.aaca.org.au/.

Step 3. Complete the Architectural Practice Exam (APE)

The APE is a three-part process:

 Part 1 - Logbook and Statement of Practical Experience (SOPE)
Part 2 - National Examination Paper (NEP)
Part 3 - Oral Exam

Once you have achieved the minimum logged hours of experience, you are ready to submit your Logbook and SOPE to the BOAQ for Part 1 of the APE assessment process.  Progression through the APE process is dependant on passing each Part consecutively.  Completion of all three Parts is necessary within two years of receiving a successful result in the NEP (Part 2).

IS 11 NSCA Summary

Step 4. Registration

Congratulations!  You have successfully completed the APE and are now ready to apply for registration to practise as an Architect in Queensland.

Complete the application form and lodge it together with the prescribed fee to the BOAQ.  The BOAQ will consider your application at its next meeting (usually held monthly).

Once you have been notified by the BOAQ of your registration on the Qld Register of Architects, you have completed your journey and have earned the title "Architect".

N.B. Remember it is an offence under the Architect Acts 2002 to call yourself an "Architect" or to offer architectural services in Queensland until you are registered with the BOAQ.