Impressed by the title "ARCHITECT"?
So you should be.... but only when it's true!

Architecture: a profession to be proud of!

To be eligible for registration as an architect under the Architects Act 2002 (Qld) a person must;

  • Have a recognised qualification, e.g. Masters of Architecture degree;
  • Have a minimum number of years practical experience;
  • Pass the 3-part Architectural Examination (log book, written and oral).

Architects are justly proud of their profession, and ONLY registered architects may legally use the title "architect".

Once registered, architects must comply with the Architects Act 2002 Architects Regulation 2019  and a regulated Code of Practice .

To confirm that the person holding themselves out as providing architectural services to your project is registered with the Board as a registered practising architect or to find a registered practising architect please use the search register .  A person who is registered as a non-practising architect may use the title of "architect" but is not allowed to offer architectural services or derive an income from architecture.

For a printable brochure on architects please click here