The Board of Architects of Queensland

The Board of Architects of Queensland (the Board) is a statutory authority established under the Architects Act 2002, responsible for protecting the public and upholding the architectural profession in Queensland.

The Architects Act 2002 provides for the registration of appropriately qualified persons as architects.  Only architects registered with the Board are legally able to offer or provide architectural services in Queensland. 

The Board is empowered under the Act to investigate complaints made about architects for “unprofessional conduct” (as defined under the Act) and take appropriate disciplinary action, including prosecuting matters before the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (QCAT) or Magistrates Court.

The Architects Act 2002 also gives the Board powers to investigate suspected offences under the Act and prosecute persons who use the title "architect", or other prescribed terms, titles or words such as “architectural design” or “architectural building design”, or offer “architectural services” to the public when they are not architects.  The penalties for "holding out  " offences can be significant.

The Architects Act 2002 and the Architects Regulation 2019 may be found on the Queensland Government's legislation site: