Legislative Framework

The Board of Architects of Queensland (BOAQ) was originally established pursuant to the Architects Act of 1928, which was assented to on 14 November 1928.
Architects Act 2002

The Architects Act 2002 (the Act) is the Act currently in force providing for the establishment of the BOAQ and its functions and powers for the registration and regulation of architects and the protection of consumers of architectural services in Queensland.  These functions include investigating complaints from the public about architectural services, and compliance and enforcement activities under the Act’s offence provisions to ensure that only appropriately qualified and experienced persons hold themselves out as an ‘Architect’ or offer or provide architectural services. 

The main objects of the Act are:

  1. To protect the public by ensuring architectural services of an architect are provided in a professional and competent way; and
  2. To maintain public confidence in the standard of services provided by architects; and
  3. To uphold the standards of practice of architects.

Architects Regulation 2019

The Architects Regulation 2019 (the Regulation) was made on 4 July 2019, replacing the previous Architects Regulation 2013.  The Regulation, other than part 5, commenced on 8 July 2019.  Part 5 of the Regulation commences on 1 January 2020.

Board of Architects of Queensland Code of Practice

Pursuant to section 108 of the Act, the BOAQ has made a Code of Practice (Code) to provide guidance to architects as to appropriate professional conduct or practice.  Under the Act, this Code must be reviewed at least once every three years.  Following its last review, the BOAQ made a new amended Code on 12 December 2018, which was approved under Regulation (section 25 of the Architects Regulation 2019), commencing on 8 July 2019.  

An electronic copy of the Code is available via the above web link.  Alternatively, the Code is available for inspection at its Registry office during ordinary office hours.

Information Sheet IS 16 Board of Architects of Queensland Code of Practice