Penalty Infringement Notice (PIN)

As a result of recent amendments to the State Penalties Enforcement Regulation 2014 and the  re-making of the Architects Regulation 2019, the Board of Architects of Queensland (BOAQ) will be able to issue penalty infringement notices (PINs) from 1 January 2020 for a range of offences against the Architects Act 2002 (’the Act’).

For more information refer to the Information Sheet here.

Register of Disciplinary Actions Against Architects

The Board is responsible under the Architects Act 2002 for ensuring that architects provide services to the public in a professional and competent manner, and to discipline architects whose conduct has been unprofessional.

This Register of Disciplinary Actions is published in accordance with section 74A of the Architects Act 2002 which states that:

"Where the Board decides to caution or reprimand an architect under s.73(2)(C) of the Act or to impose a condition on an architect's registration under s.73(2)(d) the Board may notify the decision and the reasons for the decision on the Board's website." 

The intent of public notification is two-fold:
To educate architects to continuously improve their standard of practice and;
To assist in the protection of the public.

Register of Disciplinary Actions Against an Architect