Congratulations New Registrations

Major KeyFull Name
5619Mr Michael Woodward
5618Mr Shunji Senda
5617Mr Alejandro Rubilar
5616Mr Mathew Root
5615Mr Richard Middleton
5614Mr John Guida
5613Mr Luke Durack
5612Mr Craig Shelsher
5611Ms Kerryn Minehan
5610Ms Danielle Martin


Alternative Pathways

Posted on 5/05/2020
FREE INTERACTIVE SESSIONS ON AACA PROGRAMS - Want to know more about the AACA’s Oversees Qualifications Assessment or Experienced Practitioner Assessment?

BOAQ Covid 19

Posted on 21/04/2020
Board of Architects of Queensland’s Response to COVID-19 and support for Architect business

Architect Reprimand

Posted on 17/03/2020
At its meeting on 18 September 2019 the Board of Architects of Queensland (the Board), having regard to a complaint regarding the conduct of an architect, made by a former client, decided to reprimand and caution the architect.....

APE Update (28 May 2020)

Update on the AACA National Examination Paper in 2020

Given the challenges posed by COVID-19, AACA has determined that the most practicable and fair way of implementing the APE Part 2 National Examination Paper (NEP) to maximise the opportunity for successful candidates of the APE to apply for registration as an architect in 2020 is for online delivery via remote proctoring for all candidates on 18 August 2020.

We will be in contact with all NEP candidates within the next two weeks.

APE Update (16 March 2020)
The BOAQ & AACA are continuing to monitor the Coronavirus COVID-19 situation. We are following the guidance of the Commonwealth and State Health Departments on appropriate steps.

Given the evolving Coronavirus situation in Australia, the AACA has determined that the APE National Examination Paper currently scheduled for the 21 April will be postponed until 18 August.

The decision to postpone the NEP was made by the AACA after considering advice from AACA consultants, current Government advice on restrictions on gatherings of people – currently of 500 persons but likely to be tightened further - and projections of the spread of the virus over the next 6 weeks.

Candidates will be automatically enrolled in the National Examination Paper on 18 August.

All Candidates will be advised of this postponement via email by the BOAQ.

For further information see below FAQs, visit AACA website or contact the BOAQ.

Can I get a refund?
There will be no refunds as the NEP is postponed to the 18 August not cancelled outright. If you consider exceptional circumstances apply, then you should contact BOAQ.

Scheduling of Part 3 Interviews

What happens if I am outside the 2 year period for completion of the all parts of the APE due to the postponement of the NEP on 21 April?

There will be a period  of grace for candidates within the 2 years because of current arrangements to post pone the 21 April NEP.

Will my Part 3 interview be delayed?
All interviews will be held post the NEP on the 18 August.