Congratulations New REGISTRANTS

Major KeyFull Name
6027Mr William Brouwers
6026Mr Beau Trent Campbell Young
6025Ms Paris Yem
6024Ms Rachel Zek Jing Wong
6023Miss Kimberly Williams
6022Mr Mitchell John Tonino
6021Mr Nicholas Tan
6020Ms Abbey Elizabeth Summerville
6019Miss Laura Stevens
6018Mr Benjamin Spek


APE Update

Getting your Stat Dec etc. signed in Covid-19 - A temporary regulation has made changes to the Oaths Act 1867 making it possible to have documents signed by people who can sign a commonwealth statutory declaration.  For more information on this please visit  N.B. This list includes Architects but please ensure you and the Architect are aware of the conditions associated with signing documents as explained on the Justice website.

APE 2023 closing dates for Round 1 Part 1 and 2 submission is Friday 27 January 2023.