Current Issues

A resource page containing links and information relating to current issues and changes architects are facing in their everyday practise.

Architects and QBCC

Architects and QBCC Project Management - Letter from the BOAQ  provided to architects to support the in situations where they are requested to provide evidence of being able to complete projects requiring QBCC Project Management.

Healthy and Safe Workplaces

Mentally Healthy Workplaces -  Mentally healthy workplaces have benefits for everyone this website offers toolkits, guidance, links to legislation, webinars and a whole heap more.

The Mental Health Commission also offers insight and assistance.

National Construction Code

The National Construction Code and supporting information can be found on the Australian Building Code Board's dedicated website -

QBCC - Managing Disputes

The QBCC has produced a new six-part video series to give building contractors some quick and simple insights into the QBCC’s dispute resolution process for defective building work complaints.

The series provides a broad overview of building disputes - from what causes disputes and how to avoid them, to understanding rights and responsibilities as a contractor in dispute and the QBCC's role in the ensuing process.

Also scheduled for 25 October this year, is an online webinar to complement the videos; allowing those with any further general dispute-related questions to have them answered by the QBCC’s dispute team experts.

The Managing disputes page on the QBCC’s website has all six videos, along with the registration details for the 25 October webinar.

Modern Homes. New Standards

Mandatory building standards for modern homes will ensure new houses and units are designed to be more accessible for everyone, with a phased implementation to commence from 1 October 2023, and more energy efficient from 1 May 2024.

That means a more comfortable, safe home for you and your family to enjoy a lifetime of living.

Most of the accessibility and energy-efficient features can go un-noticed, but make a big difference to living in a home – like good ventilation and ceiling fans, step-free entries and wider doors and hallways.

With a home that is warmer in winter, cooler in summer and is easier to get around, now, more than ever before, your home can be your forever home.

To find out more about the new building standards for modern homes, visit the Department of Energy and Public Works website at

For more information about the NCC 2022, visit the Australian Building Code Boards’ website at

Key Dates

1 May 2023

1 October 2023

1 May 2024

31 March 2025

National Construction Code (NCC) 2022 commenced

Phase 1 of the Modern Homes accessibility standards commence

Modern Homes energy efficiency standards commence

Transition period for accessibility standards ends