Continuing Professional Development

The Architects Act 2002 (s16) requires the BOAQ to establish requirements (Continuing Registration Requirements) which, if satisfied demonstrate that an applicant for renewal or restoration of registration has maintained competency in the practice of architecture, in order to renew a person’s registration.

Pursuant to s16(4)(a) the BOAQ must keep published the BOAQ's Continuing Registration Requirements (CRRs) on the BOAQ's website.  The BOAQ's CRRs are contained in the BOAQ's Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Policy.  CPD activities are required to show a relationship to the National Standard of Competency for Architects  (NSCA2021) – Practice management and professional conduct, Project initiation and conceptual design, Detailed design and construction documentation, and Design delivery and construction phase services.

The 'BOAQ has developed it's CPD policy based on a joint policy developed by the Architects Accreditation Council of Australia and the Australian Institute of Architects. In this way, architects that are registered in more than one state or territory need only keep one set of CPD records.  N.B. For administrative ease, the BOAQ requires architects to report on their CPD activities at the time of annual renewal of registration: the CPD year therefore is from 1 April to 31 March.


The Board's policy, Information Sheet and CPD Activity Sheet can be found below.  
Please download a copy for your records.

BOAQ CPD Policy 2022  

Record of CPD Activity Sheet  

Record of CPD Activity Sheet - Writable

IS 1 - Practising Architects and CPD

IS 12 - CPD Providers  - an information sheet designed to provide Architects with a starting place for ideas on potential providers of CPD Activities.   


My Arch CPD is the BOAQ’s new online CPD Activity Record to enable all Architects (practising and non-practising) to record their CPD Activities electronically on their personal profile on the BOAQ’s website. 

This new feature will assist architects to keep track of CPD undertaken, and will be convenient for you to access when you are audited by the Board.

My ARCH CPD is located next to the About Me and Practising Certificate tabs on your BOAQ profile page.  IS 18 - My ARCH CPD  has been developed to assist you with using the new feature. 
The BOAQ webpage is accessible from all mobile devices as well as desktops.

today and start logging your CPD online!