Complaints About Architects 

Making a Complaint
Under section 37 of the 
Architects Act 2002 (Qld) (the Act), a person who is aggrieved by an architect's professional conduct in carrying out architectural services in Queensland is able to make a complaint about the conduct to the Board of Architects of Queensland (BOAQ). 

For reference, the Act can be found here:

Queensland architects are also required to abide by the Board of Architects of Queensland Code of Practice (the Code) in delivering architectural services.  
A copy of the Code can be accessed here.

The BOAQ does not have jurisdiction to resolve private contractual disputes and the BOAQ has no power to order rectification, restitution or compensation.

A complaint to the BOAQ about an architect must:

  1. be in writing;
  2. be in the approved form (Form 3 - Making a complaint about an Architect )
  3. clearly state the grounds for the complaint, with reference to the relevant sections of the Code;   
  4. attach supporting documentation and evidence relevant to the complaint;
  5. attach a copy of the client-architect agreement or other contractual agreement; and
  6. be submitted in one of the following ways:

Mailed to:     The Registrar
                      Board of Architects of Queensland
                      GPO Box 316
                      BRISBANE QLD 4001

Emailed to:     [email protected]

BOAQ Complaint Handling Process
For details about how the BOAQ handles complaints please refer to the Information Sheet IS3: Making a Complaint about an Architect   and the FC3: Process for Management of a Complaint about an Architect .