Part 1 Practical Experience Required for APE

The Architects Accreditation Council of Australia (AACA) is responsible for setting the standards required to meet the practical experience component of the Architectural Practice Examination.

Practical experience is assessed by the Board of each State or Territory from a completed and satisfactorily attested AACA Logbook and a Statement of Practical Experience (SOPE).

The purpose of the Logbook is to record in a condensed format, the Candidate’s fulfilment of the Practical Experience required for the APE. It is not essential for the Log sheets to be completed in chronological order, however the information contained in the Logbook, is the basis for assessing eligibility of the Candidate for admission to the APE in relation to the Practical Experience of Candidate.

AACA Logbooks for recording your practical experience may be downloaded from the Publications Page on AACA website   Also ensure your download a copy of the Logbook Guidance and the Procedures for Candidates Booklet.  Familiarise yourself with these publications before logging your hours to ensure a complete understanding.

Please ensure you download the latest Logbook that addresses the 15 Performance Criteria of the NCSA.

The objectives of the Statement are:
1.  to provide evidence of satisfaction of the practical experience requirements; and
2.  to provide Assessors with information on the Candidate’s practical experience, which will be referenced in the APE Part 3 Interview

When it is time to submit your documents and apply for the APE ensure you are aware of the requirements for submitting in QLD.  The BOAQ has developed an information sheet  to assist you with this.