Part 3 - Oral Exam

Candidates are advised of their results in the National Examination Paper, Part 2, by email and if successful are invited to participate in the Oral Exam, Part 3, which will be held approximately two months after the Part 2.   The email will contain the application form and fees for Part 3.

The Oral Exam is conducted before two examiners and takes the form of a discussion between professional colleagues of no more than 1 hour in duration.

Candidates who are unsuccessful in the Oral Exam may apply to resit at the next session or any future session providing they complete the entire APE within two years of the date of notification of success in Part 2.

Successful Candidates can then apply for registration to the Board to become an Architect.

N.B. Candidates are unable to use the title of 'Architect' until they are notified that their application for registration has been approved by the Board.