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What is an "Architect"?

Importance of Registration

4 Steps to Registration


Visit the Architects Accreditation Council of Australia (AACA) to obtain a copy of the Logbook.  Ensure you also download a copy of the Procedures for Candidates  The BOAQ has a specific requirement which you will need to be aware of when preparing your Statement of Practical Experience.  The information can be found here .  

The Australian Institute of Architects PALS Course.  The Australian Institute of Architects PALS (Practice of Architecture Learning Series) course is available as an on-line course with supporting tutorial sessions. For further information contact AIA QLD on (07) 3828-4100.  There are a number of free online modules available that may assist you with the APE process.  The first night of the PALS face to face tutorials is free to APE Candidates to “come and try”.

PARC Online Tutorials can be found at  The PARC Online Tutorials are an online version of the PARC APE Tutorial program.  They consist of ten weekly online tutorials leading up to the APE Part 2 - National Examination Paper (NEP).  A further tutorial is held following the NEP to prepare candidates for the APE Part 3 - Examination by Interview.

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