Requirements for registration in Queensland

In Queensland, as in each State and Territory, use of the title "architect" and "registered architect" is reserved for those persons who are registered within the State. You will be eligible for registration as an architect in Queensland, if you:

  1. have passed the Architectural Practice Examination (APE), and can produce written evidence;
  2. have previously been registered in Queensland and are able to satisfy the Board that you are entitled to have your name Restored to the Register (Restoration);
  3. are currently registered in another State or Territory of Australia or New Zealand and can provide the Board of proof of current registration (Mutual Recognition);
  4. have passed the National Program of Assessment for Locally Experienced Practitioners; or
  5. have passed the Experienced Practitioner Assessment Overseas Practitioners.
  6. have satisfied the requirements under Mutual Recognition Arrangements between the architectural licensing authorities of the USA, Australia and NZ or the APEC Architecture Agreement with Japan, Singapore and Canada.

1. Registration after satisfactory completion of APE 

Unless you have previously been registered in Queensland, you must apply to the Board for registration on the Board's application form, and pay the relevant fees, located on the current application for registration form .

  • The registration year is 1 July to 30 June.
  • Application fees & Registration fees increase annually from July with CPI. 

2. Re-registration if previously registered in Queensland

Persons applying for restoration of their names to the register pursuant to section 23(3) of the Architects Act 2002 where they have not been registered in Queensland for the last three years or more are advised:

  • that each of these applications will be considered by the Board on its merits;
  • that each application needs to include details of architectural work performed by the applicant over the last three years or since registration lapsed;
  • that architectural work details need to indicate what work had been performed in Queensland and Australia during that period;
  • that the architectural work details need to take the form at least of a curriculum vitae and that the description would need to be sufficiently detailed to enable the Board to identify the type and nature of the work done by the applicant personally not merely show their position in relation to a project;
  • that each applicant needs to provide the names and telephone (or other) contact details of two referees, at least one of whom should be a registered architect, who can verify the nature and extent of the work claimed to have been performed by the Applicant;
  • that the applicant needs to advise the extent, if any, to which the applicant has satisfied the Board's continuing registration requirements in respect to undertaking Continuing Professional Development (CPD);
  • that the applicant may be required to attend a registration interview, the costs of which are to be borne by the applicant.

The above information needs to be accompanied by the Restoration Form  and the correct fee:

3. Registration where registered in another Australian State or Territory or New Zealand or Other Country that is part of an agreement. 

The form for applying under Mutual Recognition can be found here  . 
All applications require Board approval. To ensure that your application is put to the first available Board meeting, it should be received by the Registry at least 7 working days before the next meeting. The Board usually meets monthly (except for January). Dates for Board meetings may be obtained by contacting the Registry.

If you have a qualification from a country other than New Zealand you will require recognition of your overseas academic qualification.  You need to contact the Architects Accreditation Council of Australia concerning your overseas academic qualification for more information. Clickhere .

4. National Program of Assessment for Locally Experienced Practitioners

A program set up to encourage locally experienced practitioners to register without having to sit the Architectural Practise Exam.  This program is administered by AACA ( 

5. Experienced Practitioner Assessment Overseas Practitioners

See AACA website at

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