Restoration and Renewal

Architectural Competency Assessment

As part of the Continuing Registration Requirements set out in section 16 of the Architects Act 2002, the Board of Architects of Queensland may require Architects seeking renewal of their registration, and/or applicants for restoration of their Architect registration in Queensland to undertake an Architectural Competency Assessment.  This Assessment will be at the applicant’s own cost and will be conducted by two Board Examiners. 


The purpose of the Architectural Competency Assessment is to establish whether a person “has maintained competency in the practice of architecture”.

When might an Architectural Competency Assessment be required:

Circumstances where an Architectural Competency Assessment may be required include:

  • Where an applicant for restoration of their name to the Queensland Register of Architects has not been registered as an Architect in any Australian jurisdiction for a period of three years or longer;
  • Where an applicant who has been a Non-Practising Architect for a period of three years or longer (and who during this time has not practised as an Architect in any other Australian jurisdiction) wishes to apply for restoration to the Queensland Register of Architects as a Practising Architect;
  • Where a Practising Architect has not been able to satisfy the Board of their compliance with the Board’s Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Policy by failing to meet the Board’s minimum CPD requirements;
  • Another circumstance as determined by the Board.   

How to apply for an Architectural Competency Assessment:

Please download a copy of the ACA Information Pack    which includes the application form and fees as well as all the information required to apply.